Pavex Inc.
4400 Gettysburg Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011


Team Pavex

One of Pavexís greatest strengths is its ability to work as a team. Through implementation
of the Three Cís: communication, coordination, and cooperation, our staff takes full
advantage of the highly talented and experienced members of the organization. Problems
and complexities encountered during a project are clearly thought out and discussed,
allowing for the most efficient solutions to be found.


Pavex utilizes a large and diverse fleet of late model construction equipment, providing
the tools to get projects done correctly and on time.

We also have a large support team of mechanics and maintenance personnel to
make sure our equipment is operating at peak efficiency.


Pavex understands the importance of modern construction tools in today’s
fast-paced industry.  Our foremen are equipped with internet-linked laptops,
allowing for seamless communication and coordination with their support staff. 
Many of our dozers have been wired with the latest in GPS software.  GPS
technology gives our field personnel the ability to accurately grade sites without
the need for dangerous and time-consuming manual elevation checks.

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